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This is a tournament for The Legend of Zelda - Link's Awakening DX (Any% No S+Q/WW/OOB). Please read all of the details below before committing to the tournament.

Submit race times: https://goo.gl/8Acg2J

View schedule: https://goo.gl/Atq82g

Tournament Discord Server: https://discord.gg/KXg87gF

LADX Community Server: https://discord.gg/twyaugB

Tournament Information:

    • We highly recommend you join the tournament's Discord Server to be able to contact or be contacted by other participants.
    • All communication and announcements during the tournament will be published on the Discord server.
    • Please keep all tournament related questions/discussion/scheduling to the tournament Discord only.
    • Feel free to ask any questions about the tournament on Discord - no need to be shy ;-)
    • Tournament mods are: BambooShadow, Choto, Disclude and Spiraster.

    • The registration for the tournament will close on August 25th 2017.
    • The tournament will start on August 28th 2017 with the Group Stage.
    • Knockout Stage will start October 1st 2017.

    • Players are in charge of contacting their opponent to decide a time and date for their race. (A suggested order is shown under the "Matches" tab next to each group.)
    • All races must be submitted to the Google Form listed above at least 24 hours prior to the match time in order to ensure proper scheduling.
    • Players must complete at least 1 match per week.
    • Players may ask for an extension, but anyone who has not gotten in contact with their opponent or made arrangements with the organizers during that time frame will have their match marked as a loss. Resolution of ambiguous situations will be left to the discretion of the organizers.

    1st Phase (Group Stage) - Round Robin Format:

    • The format for the first stage of the tournament will be a Round Robin consisting of 4-person groups.
    • The top 2 players in each group (ranked by wins) will advance to the Knockout Stage.
    • In the event of a tie in wins/losses at the end of the Group Stage, the average of the players' Group Stage race times will be used as the tiebreaker.
    • Seeding for this stage will be determined by the rankings on the LADX "Any% No WW/OoB (No S+Q)" leaderboard on speedrun.com (http://www.speedrun.com/ladx) as it stands on August 25th @ 12:00pm EDT.
    • Make sure to submit your Personal Best to the leaderboards on speedrun.com before the above date and time if you want it to affect your seeding. Runs submitted after that time will not be taking into account in the seeding.
    • Runners with no ranking will be randomized and placed at the bottom of the seeding.

    2nd Phase (Knockout Stage) - Single Elimination Format:

    • Seeding for this stage will be determined by the average of your race times from the Group Stage.
    • The Knockout Stage will be single race matches, with the exception of the finals which will be a best-of-3.

    Race Details:

    • You must stream your race on Twitch and enable VOD saving. 
    • All races will be done on the SRL IRC server in accordance with the SRL rules.  The times recorded on SRL will be used as the racers' official race times.
    • In the unlikely event of a tied race (i.e. identical SRL times), a match will be scheduled at a later date to be used as a tiebreaker.
    • Racers must be registered on SRL to participate in their tournament matches. Failure to be registered on SRL prior to a race may result in forfeiture of the race. Please visit www.speedrunslive.com/faq ("How do I participate in SRL races?") for instructions on how to register.
    • SRL racing can be done with any IRC client; however, we recommend the use of LiveSplit's built-in SRL client for the most accurate timing of races.
    • If any player misses a scheduled match time, they will forfeit the match. Only schedule matches that you are SURE that you can make.

    Stream Guidelines:

    • Be sure to deactivate all "stream alerts" (such as follows, donations, subs, etc.) during your races, so that your game feed won't be interrupted on the restream.
    • We ask all racers to not use their microphones during their races, so that we may play your game audio without interruption. We'll have the most professional commentators who will take care of commentating while you are racing! :)
    • All matches of the tournament will be broadcast to either twitch.tv/speedgaming, twitch.tv/speedgaming2 or twitch.tv/speedrunslive.
    • Players and commentators are encouraged to join the Discord server.

    Category Rules (Any% No S+Q, No WW, No OoB):

    • The tournament follows the ruleset of the main category "Any% No S+Q/WW/OoB".
    • Any% means all glitches and tricks are allowed to beat the game as fast as possible except for:
    • No S+Q: You are not allowed to use Save and Quit during the run, though you are allowed to bring up the Save and Quit menu. This rule also bans Death Warping - the use of purposeful deaths to return to a previous point in order to travel fewer screens.
    • No WW: You are not allowed to Wrong Warp (e.g. the doghouse-glitch). All warps (i.e. entrances/exits/staircases) have to lead to the developer intended location.
    • No OoB: You are not allowed to go Out of Bounds. The full explanation of the OoB rules can be found here.

    • Console runs are allowed on the SGB2 or GBP (either w/ disc or GBI). Use of the SGB is banned.
    • Emulator runs are allowed on the latest versions of BGB and gambatte (incl. gambatte-speedrun).

    Tournament specific category rules:

    • Runners should have a backup save file (NOT an emulator savestate!) in case of a softlock during Walrus Skip. If you softlock during Walrus Skip, you are allowed to load into the backup save file to continue your run. 
    • The backup save file should be at the first house in Animal Village just before Walrus Skip. The backup save file must contain no more than the usual items for that part of an "Any% (No S+Q/WW/OoB)" run. You can also not exceed a maximum of 20 bombs/arrows/powder (i.e. capacity upgrades are not allowed). You are not allowed to have events triggered that otherwise would not be at this point (e.g. the owl cutscene before the egg).
    • Be absolutely sure if you practice with emulator savestates that you don't accidentally delete your backup save file in Animal Village. 

    • If you softlock in a dungeon, you may S+Q to free yourself, but you must return to the screen in which you softlocked before continuing your run, as a penalty.
    • In the event of an accidental S+Q or a Death Warp you must also backtrack to the room you S+Q or died in before continuing.

    Learning the game:

    • If you are new to Link's Awakening DX speedrunning, don't worry!
    • We have some resources (such as save states and an emulator pack) to be found at: www.speedrun.com/ladx/resources.
    • We have up-to-date video guides for the current "Any% (No S+Q/WW/OoB)" route at: www.speedrun.com/ladx/guides.
    • We also have a wiki with information at: www.ladx.tk. This is currently a work in progress.
    • Feel free to ask on Discord if you have any questions. The LADX community is filled with friendly people who like to help :-)

    For information or help with the tournament contact the moderators on Discord.


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