LADX Tournament 2016

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Twitch Channel and Schedule

The Races will be streamed on www.twitch.tv/LADXspeedruns

Schedule: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15uLbKmWzW0kRSBS7OkjKo0GO-ICLFNtibqDWjXiNbqM/

Tournament Format

The tournament will be for Any% No S+Q/WW/OoB.

1.) Runs start on File Select and end when the screen is completely white, after beating dethl going up the stairs.

2.) Out of Bounds, Doghouse, Save and Quitting and Wrong Warping are banned.

3.) Only BGB, Gambatte and Bizhawk are to be used as an emulator in the tournament.

4.) Death Warping to do a "s+q" is also banned

5.) Prior to the race runners should have a backup savefile, in case of a softlock on Walrus Skip. In case of a softlock you are allowed to use the backup savefile to continue running. The Backup savefile should be in the Animal Village just before Walrus Skip.

5.1) Be absoulutly sure while u practice with savestates that you dont accidentally delete your Walrus Skip backup savefile in animal village.

6.) In Case of another softlock in dungeons, you are allowed to save and quit, but you have to return to the room you softlocked in and continue your run from there as a penalty.

7.) In Case of an accidental S+Q you need to backtrack to the room you used the S+Q in and continue from there. YOU MUST!

The Tournament will be a double elimination bracket. Seeding will be done randomly on this site. Byes will be awarded randomly to fit the players into the bracket. 

People are to be expected to do 1-2 races per week. Not attending a race without speaking to an admin or the opponent prior will result in a disqualification and you will not be moved into losers bracket.

A tournament of this magnitude has a lot of people with a lot of schedules to work around.

Both racers of a match will talk about their date and time of their match on their own and give the information about the exact date and time to the Admin.

Match Procedure:

Races will be done using the SRL rules.

When both participants are ready, begin a race in the #speedrunslive IRC channel on irc.speedrunslive.com or at http://www.speedrunslive.com/channel/ with the command:

.startrace ladx

This will create a race room for ladx, both runners and one observer are to be in the race room. 

Once in the race room use the command:

.setgoal any% no s+q jp

This sets the race goal to any% no s+q/ww/oob, when the goal has been set enter the race:

.enter or .join

When both participants are ready to start the race:


A countdown will start. Start your own timer when the countdown says "Go!". 

After finishing the game type:


GG easy race is done.

Once the race is complete give your final time to a admin so he can update the schedule.

최종 결과

최정상 챔피언: TGH_
주목 받을 강자: Sickynar
미래의 강자: Spiraster

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